We Are Developing on the Basis of Maximum Optimization of our Processes


Atlantic GreenThe basis of socially responsible functioning of each company is the fact that it becomes aware of the importance and necessity of its own impact on improving general social conditions and the environment in which it operates. This is the reason why the energy efficiency has become a permanent commitment   and strategic scheme of the Atlantic Group to reduce the impact on the environment through the rationalization of energy and water consumption, decreasing of waste and increasing of waste separation, generally in all our processes.

 Special projection was done in order to improve energy efficiency of the companies in Serbia and it was financed with the help of EBRD. This project was a part of a broader strategy to improve the system of all Atlantic Group’s production processes and also to support the regional activities with more rational usage of resources and energy, cost reduction, and environmental protection. In addition to savings related to efficiency, it is expected that the planned investments in operating companies in Serbia will additionally reduce the CO2 emission for 600 tonnes per year. Savings in the use of gas and electricity, as well as water consumption in production processes are enabled by investing in Atlantic Group’s new equipment in Serbia.

In particular, for plants in Serbia we have collectively reduced the energy consumption, from expended 75,539 MWh in 2012 to 53,140 MWh in 2014, which represent significant savings of resources and they go along with our general strategic setting to develop on the basis of maximal optimization of our processes. Waste management and pollution prevention remains our permanent priority, and that is the reason why the amount of sorting and separation of waste was increased in the whole Atlantic system in 2014. The amount of recycled waste is increased for 8 percent compared to the previous year. We already recycle almost 50% of waste in Štark and Grand on an annual basis and there is a tendency that this percentage will continue to grow. Other important environmental activities are carried out simultaneously in four key areas: integration of ecological perspective in all business areas and functions, integration of environmental values in exiting projects, a range of activities for raising of the ecological values of employees, and also the second year in a row, we report on sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility which are in accordance with GRI principles (Global Reporting Initiative).