Turkey hits historic gas consumption record in January

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Photo: Pixabay

Turkey’s monthly natural gas consumption reached a historic record high at 5.78 billion cubic meters (bcm) in January 2016, according to data from Turkish Energy Watchdog. In January 2016, 5.78 bcm of natural gas was consumed, Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority, EMRA, announced on Tuesday in its monthly natural gas report for January. The new monthly record is 5.7 percent higher than the previous highest consumption which was seen in January 2015 with 5.47 bcm. Turkey’s daily highest consumption was also seen in January 2016 with a consumption rate of 235 million cubic meters of gas, Turkey’s Energy Ministry had announced in February 2016. During January 2016, the most natural gas was consumed by households with 2.45 bcm and electricity plants with 1.34 bcm. Istanbul became the biggest natural gas consuming region followed by Ankara and Kocaeli.

Other gas imports records

Turkey’s natural gas imports rose by 7.8 percent to 5.39 bcm in January, compared to the same month last year. This represents the highest amount of natural gas imported in the country’s history, according to EMRA’s data. The country imported the most natural gas from Russia with 2.78 bcm. Iran and  Azerbaijan followed with 852 million cubic meters (mcm) and 594 mcm respectively. Russia’s share in Turkey natural gas imports fell to 51.65 percent from 53.81 percent last January.

LNG’s role increases in natural gas supply

LNG was the main instrument to meet the country’s natural gas demand in January 2016. Turkey imported 396 mcm more natural gas than the previous January out of which 240 mcm was supplied by LNG facilities, according to the report. LNG imports for Turkey increased 25.97 percent to 1.16 bcm in January compared to the same month last year. Turkey imported the most LNG from Algeria with 468 mcm and Nigeria with 171 mcm. Turkey also imported 520 mcm of LNG from spot markets in January.