To the Finish Line in a Healthy Way!

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Photo: Eprime

Electric bike, produced in our country by E prime, is an ideal means of transport for holidays or city traffic. This modern means of transport that is available to all generations, reaches the ideal speed and offers an environmentally friendly solution for you.

We can increasingly see electric bikes in the streets that you do not need to register, don’t have to get driver’s license and the range of up to 200 km on a single charge, hints that this bicycles could replace cars that are big polluters of our living space.

From year to year, electric bikes become more and more popular and unique design of E prime models will satisfy the most demanding customer needs.

The domestic producer made sure bringing to the market both, a male and a female model that runs by a fingerprint. In addition to a visually good-looking bike, this mode of transport saves a lot of money.

Photo: Eprime

Why spend money on fuel when you have a fully ecological means of transport on the battery? Without stress and with a lot of enjoyment electric bike gives you a safe and economical driving.

E prime salon is opened at 1 Milutin Milanković Street in New Belgrade and test drive can be arranged by calling the number: 011 43 20 100.

There are several models in the E prime offer that you can buy on an interest-free loan of 55 EUR per month with a repayment period of 2 years.

Call them to schedule your test drive and then choose the model that suits you to reach the goal in a healthy way.

This content was originally published in the eighth issue of the Energy Portal Bulletin, named ECOMOBILITY.