The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio is a brutally fantastic EV supercar concept

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This car, the Terzo Millennio (“third millenium”), built in collaboration with MIT, is very much a Lamborghini approach to the EV performance car. To begin with, it is obviously nothing else but a Lamborghini.

There’s some advanced tech here, too, as you might imagine with MIT’s involvement. The most notable is the supercapacitor energy storage technology. But MIT and Lamborghini want to produce one that’ll work more like a main battery, but with greater ability to recharge and discharge quickly. That’s ideal for brutal, explosive acceleration. Of course, like most modern Lamborghinis there’s all-wheel drive, although it’s in-wheel electric motor-based rather than the conventional mechanical type.

Will you see a Terzo Millennio out on the road? Almost certainly not; this is a pure concept that shows the direction that Lamborghini will take in the future. At least we finally know where Sant’Agata’s head is at in terms of post-internal combustion powertrain tech.

Source: Engadget