HEINEKEN-UNIDO Partnership Supports Sustainability in Developing Markets

csm_2016-05-23_10_57_45-Heineken_NV_2015_Sustainability_Report.PDF_-_Adobe_Acrobat_Pro_f2a43baf7cBy 2030 the world is expected to require 40 per cent more water and 50 per cent more energy. Population growth, changing lifestyles and climate change will place increasing pressure on the environment, particularly on the water, energy and food nexus. One sector that touches all three of these areas is the brewing industry.

The ongoing partnership between the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and HEINEKEN, the international brewer, addresses a range of sustainability-related challenges with the aim of promoting inclusive growth and enhancing the environmental impact of HEINEKEN’s operations in developing countries. The HEINEKEN-UNIDO partnership covers three areas: water stewardship, renewable energy and energy efficiency, and local sourcing of input materials.

Under the water stewardship component, the partnership focuses on developing initiatives for catchment areas classified as “water-scarce”. These initiatives complement HEINEKEN’s commitment to reduce water consumption in their breweries located in these regions. Currently, joint activities are concentrating on breweries in Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Mexico and Nigeria.

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