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Electrical powertrains – the motors, generators, drives, converters, bearings and gearboxes that drive pumps, machinery or other process equipment – are particularly critical components of many processes and must be kept running. ABB has now introduced the ABB Ability Digital Powertrain to improve engineering efficiency, safety, equipment uptime and production output while reducing risks and costs in everyday operations. ABB Ability Digital Powertrain keeps operations running efficiently – and even predicts failures before they happen.

The Digital Powertrain is a suite of digital products, software and services for motors/generators, drives/converters and mechanical powertrain components such as bearings. Surprisingly, over 80 percent of powertrains are currently not monitored. Therefore, providing a simple, costefficient solution like the Digital Powertrain will be a game-changer. Each powertrain can send data to the cloud that is then visible to the operator on a simple dashboard. Data analytics and connectivity with ABB experts make operations efficient, predictable and safe.

Digital Powertrain Internet of Things (IoT) solutions encompass devices, software and services. ABB Ability Condition Monitoring for powertrains, for example, is a service product that visualizes the data of the individual assets of an electric powertrain in a unified monitoring system and, with the help of ABB’s expertise, delivers comprehensive insights as to maintenance, repair or replacement needs. Other service products in the ABB Ability Digital Powertrain cover life cycle assessment, virtual commissioning and remote assistance. These products are complemented by physical devices such as ABB Ability Smart Sensors for pumps, mounted bearings and motors, and wireless Internet gateways. The digital powertrain opens up many fields for additional actionable insights, analyses and informed decision making. It shows the way forward so that modern industry can achieve better reliability, uptime and efficiency – and reduce costs.

Photo: ABB

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This article was published in the fifteenth issue of the Energy Portal Energy Efficient, june-august 2019.