Energy-Efficient Minimalist Cabin Blends Into the Surrounding Alpine Forests

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Proving that sometimes simple is best, the humble House Bout is a minimalist homage to the forests that were sacrificed in the pursuit of urbanization. Architects Madritsch Pfurtschellerbuilt the retreat among the peaks and valleys of the Austrian Alps. Topped by a gable roof and clad in blonde wood, the shape of the home was inspired by traditional local architecture. Cleverly divided spaces and a two-story stove provide energy-efficient heating for the snowy winter months.

This Alpine dwelling pays homage to the pine trees were cleared to give way to urbanization. Its tall and lean design causes minimal impact on the ground and the blonde pine wood blends in with the surrounding nature. The pinewood that clads its outer skin, interior walls, floors and ceilings provides the home with warmth and comfort.

A closed spiral staircase leads inhabitants throughout the home’s 3-levels while acting as a décor focal. The living room features a glazed wall that fills the room with natural light while framing the majestic scenery and its snowy caps. The home cleverly divides living areas, using different levels and ceiling heights that, along with good insulation and a sustainable heating solution, help keep interiors warm.