“WeGreen – The Youth Goes Clean”


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The Young European Ambassadors are now proud hosts of their own events! Following their online event management webinar, the YEAs have bravely taken on the role of event creators, and have come up with topics that are of high interest to young people across the Western Balkans – the EU, culture, environment, human rights, economy, and youth engagement.

Between December 2020 and March 2021, young people from the Western Balkans, the EU, and the world will be able to tune in and participate in these creative, tailor-made YEA webinars. Follow our channels for exact dates, and follow the profiles of the YEAs for more information!

The second tailor-made YEA event is dedicated to one of the most important topics for humankind – environmental protection and the health of our planet. As YEAs are aware that the change starts from each of us individually, they have selected a set of topics close to young people of the Western Balkans, and they are eager to address them and spread the word.

The first panel will be dedicated to achieving zero waste, focusing on what has been done in the area of circular economy, as well as what the youth of Western Balkans can do.

The second panel will focus on the challenges of pollution and methods of prevention. Most importantly, it will highlight young people’s role in this process.

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Source: webalkans