With renewable energy sources to cleaner future


sberThe use of renewable energy has become one of the key components of sustainable development after developed countries have recognized the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Although Serbia has great energy potential when it comes to these sources of energy, it is insufficiently or not at all used.
Our country is the biggest part of the energy obtained by burning fossil fuels, coal , oil and gas, and in that way contributes to global climate change. On the impact of these changes in our country are mainly forests, water , agriculture, transportation and electric power. The biggest challenge in Serbia represents a transition to cleaner technologies , with cost-effective , which further hampers the undeveloped market and the lack of experience in Serbia. Based on the potential of renewable resources and the needs of clients, Sberbank has created a special model for financing renewable energy. Project financing refers to the construction of buildings or facilities for the production of electricity using renewable energy sources , which will be the subject of connection to the electricity grid in order to sell electricity. To implement the model of project financing it is necessary to establish a new company (Special Purpose Company ), which is the carrier of the project , and the founders of the newly established companies may be individuals , legal persons and in special cases, companies with proven experience in this field.

The project of construction of these facilities must be in accordance with the current Law on Planning and Construction and the Law on Energy with the participation of investors from a minimum of 30 % of the investment. By investing in renewable energy sources confirm responsibility and together with our clients we build a healthier environment.