Turning Point of a Domestic Company Towards Ecomobility

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In the last seven years, the Belgrade-based company “MT-Komex” has gradually supplemented and changed its core business, so the employees of this company had the opportunity to enrich the decades of extensive experience in the field of mechanical engineering and welding with new knowledge, by participating in numerous projects for the construction of small hydropower plants, gas power plants, and solar power plants. Taking a step forward with modern world trends in the field of electromobility, the company management decided two years ago to make another turn and focus its activities on the development of the application of chargers for electric motors as well as to support the introduction of electric vehicles in transport. Thanks to the introduction of this segment of business on the domestic market, engineers and installers in the company “MT-Komex” have passed through the training and today they can install chargers in residential and commercial buildings as well as in bigger facilities with more demanding infrastructure.

“MT-Komex” has made a strategic partnership with two global companies that are leaders in the production of electric chargers – AC chargers for slow and medium-speed charging from the manufacturer “Schneider Electric”, while DC chargers for fast charging are supplied by ABB. Both companies signed a contract that stipulates that this domestic company will be their system integrator. And the results did not lag behind. In the previous period, “MT-Komex” installed chargers for slow and medium-speed charging in BMW, medium-speed chargers were delivered for installation in a public garage on Obilićev venac in Belgrade (three pieces in the first turn) and one device for medium-speed charging which has already been installed in BMW has two charging points, each with the power of 22 KW AC.

As far as the DC chargers are concerned, negotiations with several companies are currently in progress, and the arrangements for delivering chargers to one of the leading companies in the automotive industry, which will install the first 50 kW, model terra 53 ABB at its location in Belgrade, are in the final stage.

As a part of the promotion of the electric chargers for vehicles “MT-Komex” has developed a new web platform at the address elektropunjaci.com, that will have all information on technique for charging electric cars, the electric cars themselves, their offer on the market, quality and autonomy of individual models. Website visitors will also have access to an online shop where they will be able to buy chargers and accompanying equipment for charging electric vehicles. Likewise, the platform will allow clients to submit requests for projects, and the trained installers and engineers in “MT-Komex” will evaluate and access the execution of projects based on the sent data.

The platform will also include links to charger maps, which is a very useful tool for all the users of electric cars. The maps will not only cover Serbia and the Balkans, but also the whole of Europe, and they will able to find every location of public chargers as well as private chargers that are accessible to the public. Thanks to this, electric car users will have all the information necessary for electromobility in one place. The maps will be updated regularly, as “MT-Komex” engineers will register each new charging 33 point, according to the investor’s desire, so that data on charging points are visible to all electric car users.

Photo: EP

This content was originally published in the eighth issue of the Energy Portal Bulletin, named ECOMOBILITY.