The e-Volution of vehicles continues WOULD YOU TRY OUT AN ELECTRIC VEHICLE?

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Photo: Volkswagen

When it comes to vehicles of the future, most people will immediately think of electric cars. The reality, however, is different. In fact, electric cars are already part of our present. Nowadays, the interest in EVs is growing on many markets, Serbia included. Besides environmental protection and more economical charging, there are numerous reasons for purchasing EVs, some of which are presented below in further detail:

  • „ These vehicles provide quiet operation and do not add to the noise pollution.
  • „ There is no tailpipe emission and no air pollution due to smog.
  • „ Flexible and easy charging. You can charge your vehicle at work or at home – all it takes is to pass a cord through and connect it to a socket.
  • „ Fewer repairs resulting from reduced likelihood of a mechanical failure.
  • „ Easier to maintain.
  • „ Improved cost‑efficiency in the long run.

Second generation electric Golf cars, now based on the improved existing seven series, can already be seen on the roads in this country. Improvements have been made to a number of features: battery power is declared to the level of 35.8 kW/h while the aggregate power is increased to 100 kW, which can be easily converted to 136 hp. On the basis of these performances, one can very easily determine the realistic driving mileage, charging time, and of course the price of consumption.

e-Golf can now run for over

200 kilometers in the everyday drive

on a single battery charge

With electric energy, everything is strictly defined, and the power of an electric engine in kW equals the product voltage (220 V) and electricity (A). With a 10A charger, it takes a modest 2.2. kW of power, but also almost 18 hours of charging time, to reach the full capacity of 35.8 kW. A more powerful charger will reduce this time proportionally to its power and amperage; thus with a 40kW charger, your e‑Golf may be “ready to go” within 45 minutes.

Users largely drive by day and recharge their vehicles overnight, at reduced rates. The cost‑efficiency of e‑Golf can be demonstrated through the following example: the 10A charger, which comes as a part of an e‑Golf package, takes roughly 10 hours to charge to full battery potential, using up about 25 kW/h of electric energy. A simple calculation shows such charging will end up costing us a total of 125 dinars or 1 EUR. The additional advantage is that daily charging requires only a regular power socket.

As for the annual average, which is relevant for all users, e‑Golf can now run for over 200 kilometers in the everyday drive on a single battery charge, depending on the driving style, use of air conditioning and other parameters. Quality driving enthusiasts will also be interested to learn that e‑Golf can accelerate to 100 km/h in 9.6 seconds.

Photo: Volkswagen

It is particularly interesting that e‑Golf lost none of its driving comfort or the signature design. The LED headlights, characterized by low electric energy consumption, enhance its appearance with a new, technological flair. Blue designer elements and aerodynamic optimization provide it with additional standout features.

Numerous advantages notwithstanding, there are real constraints that continue to slow down the popularization of the concept of electrical mobility. One of them is the price, which remains relatively high at the moment of purchase. Given that cost‑efficiency of e‑vehicles is far higher compared to conventional vehicles, the starting price of e‑models should not be directly compared to the equivalent standard models. The price of e‑Golf models starts at €40,000.

Building a network of public charging points in Serbia is a project well underway and particularly contributed to by the company Porsche SCG, the authorized representative of the Volkswagen brand. Always ready to get involved in a project of this type, they have placed a charging point for EV users on Zrenjaninski put 11, the location of Volkswagen authorized dealership and service center, Porsche Beograd Sever.

The e-Volution of vehicles continues. Get introduced to the details of the process at:

This content was originally published in the eighth issue of the Energy Portal Bulletin, named ECOMOBILITY.