Tesco Launches New Supplier Engagement Initiative

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Tesco has launched a new ‘hotline’ to help suppliers report on-going food waste ‘hotspots’ and request help from the supermarket giant to tackle them.

The company announced yesterday that the new ‘hotline’ would be made available through its Supplier Network, which is accessed by over 5,000 Tesco suppliers on a regular basis. It is designed to allow suppliers and growers to quickly access Tesco Product teams, alerting them to areas of high food waste so they can then work together to tackle the issue.

The new initiative is part of a wider push by the company to meet its target of halving UK food waste by 2025.

“At Tesco, we have no time for waste, and we are committed to reducing food waste wherever it occurs, from farm to fork,” said Matt Simister, commercial director, fresh food and commodities at Tesco. “The ‘food waste hotline’ is another little help we are making to achieve this with our suppliers. It helps our suppliers gain direct, easy access to our Product teams, and this will enable us to identify food waste hotspots and systemic issues and work in partnership to tackle them.”

The launch comes just days after Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis used his position as chair of the Champions 12.3 initiative – named for the UN Sustainable Development Goal to halve global food waste per capita by 2030 – to unveil new research highlighting the economic benefits of tackling food waste.

The report calculated that with global economic losses from food waste totalling $940bn a year efforts to curb waste levels can deliver $14 of savings for every $1 invested in waste prevention measures.

“There are still too many inside business and government who are unaware or unsure of the kind of impact they can have be reducing food loss and waste,” Lewis said. “And to speak candidly, there are also too many businesses and governments still not doing enough to help tackle waste.”

Source: businessgreen.com