Switzerland’s Largest Agricultural Biogas Plant Comes on Stream

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news-biogaz-contenu-2Nestlé Waters & Groupe E GreenWatt have just inaugurated the largest agricultural biogas plant in Switzerland, located next to the Henniez bottling plant. This initiative represents a further step in the Eco-Broye program launched by Nestlé Waters in 2009. The Eco-Broye program preserves biodiversity and natural resources ensuring the protection of 100 hectares around Henniez’ site.

Nestlé Waters is now moving on a collective and innovative step focusing on renewable energy in total accordance with the Vaud’s canton energy policy.

Indeed, the aims are to raise awareness of the importance of the sustainable management of water resources and promote the use of local and renewable energy sources.

The installation will transform annually 25,000 tons of agricultural fertilizers issued from regional farms Thus, 3,800 tons of organic waste generated by Nespresso and Nescafé will be used as a raw material to produce biogas. The plant production of 4.5 million kWh of heat will be consumed into Henniez bottling factory.

Finally, Henniez will increase significantly by 50% the proportion of its renewable energy and reduce CO2 emissions by 1,750 tons per year.

This great pilot example is fully in line with Nestlé’s commitments in terms of sustainable development strategy and management of water resources.

Source: nestle-waters.com