Sunslice, The Smallest Solar Charger In The World

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Every day, the smartphone goes here and there with us — on the jog, the walk, bicycle, metro, and in the EV. It is often using handy apps along the way. Checking email, texting, working on the metro, scrolling social media in the cafe or while the car is charging, on the phone — these activities are a way of life for many. A common thought that pops into our heads is where to plug in and recharge.

Sunslice, the smallest solar charger in the world, is one solution. It’s perfect for the day after a storm or hurricane when the power is still out but the sun is back.

Although there are some handy little chargers you can take with you if you are without an outlet or wall to plug into, ultimately, you still need to charge that charger. Solar chargers are a way around that inconvenience. The Sunslice is great for hiking trips through the mountains or simply day-to-day travel around town. Tote the charger in your purse or pocket and open easily to charge as you walk with it attached to your backpack or attaché. It’s perfect for short-distance or long-distance travel depending on available sunlight.

“Sunslice is not only the smallest solar charger in the world but it has also the best size-to-power ratio. With the rated power output (announced by the solar panel producers) of its solar panels of 3.6 Watts, it exceeds the power output of much bigger solar chargers,” a Kickstarter page for the product notes.

“For this comparison, we wrote down the theoretical power output of the solar panels instead of the real power output of the charger. Our competitors only disclose the rated power of the panels, rather the true power output which is slightly inferior. To make it a fair comparison, we compare them with our solar panel’s rated power output in the image above. However, we prefer to announce the real power output of 3 Watts in the general description of the product for transparency.”

The Sunslice was invented by a 23-year-old Belgian energy engineer and inventor, Henri Gernaey, who is now working with Geoffroy Ghion. Gernaey started the design in college. “I’ve worked 3 years on this, and just launched a Kickstarter campaign — we were 40% funded in 48 hours,” he happily notes.