Sunnova Introduces Solar-Plus-Storage Offering “SunSafe”

World | Solar Energy

Photo-illustration: Pixabay

Houston-based solar power company Sunnova has this week expanded its offerings to bring it into the solar-plus-storage market alongside its bigger-name competition Tesla and Sunrun with the introduction of its Sunnova SunSafe solar and home battery storage service.

As the residential solar market continues to expand, so too does the growing interest in combining residential solar systems with residential battery storage. The combination is a natural one, and further allows behind-the-meter residents to generate more of their electricity needs, regardless of when the sun is shining.

The solar-plus-storage option has already proven to be a success by competitors such as Tesla and Sunrun. Specifically, Sunrun introduced its Brightbox offering in March of 2016, allowing customers to install both solar and energy storage. More recently, Vivint Solar pushed out it’s own offering that takes things a step or two further — solar, energy storage, electric vehicle charging, and smart home.

Sunnova — a Houston-based company that outsources installation and maintenance to regional partners — announced on Tuesday that it too would be joining the solar-plus-storage market with its Sunnova SunSafe offering, starting with homeowners in California. Sunnova further boasts that it is now the only residential solar service that offers a 25-year solar-plus-storage lease with a comprehensive warranty and performance guarantee.

Sunnova’s customized solar-plus-storage system seeks to combine the two in the most energy efficient way possible, and uses intelligent control technology to manage how solar electricity is used or sold back to the grid to offset higher energy costs.

“Solar plus battery storage technology is a game-changer and California has been at the forefront of pro-storage policies,” said William J. Berger, CEO of Sunnova. “Sunnova SunSafe™ is a flagship offering in our portfolio that enables us to bring a superior solar plus battery storage offering to the market through our network of partners to better serve the needs of California homeowners.”

“The market demand for solar plus storage in California is clear—customers want smart, local, clean energy technologies that are resilient and reliable,” added Laura Gray, Energy Storage Policy Advisor for the California Solar & Storage Association. “We welcome Sunnova SunSafe™ to California as an option in the growing market to give customers control over their energy.”