South-East European Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

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For the 13th time in a row EE & RE, ‘Save the Planet‘ (Waste Management & Recycling), ‘Smart Cities‘ Conferences and Exhibitions showcased the latest useful solutions and technologies for sustainable development and ecology, as well as for various industries and households.

41 speakers from 11 countries delivered presentations with a practical focus within the specialized Conferences. In the exhibition part of the event direct exhibitors from 14 countries showcased the latest useful solutions and technologies for sustainable development and ecology as well as for various industries and households.

A special session on geothermal energy was held during the EE & RE Conference. The utilization of geothermal energy in the Balkan countries was presented by Robert Gavriliuch, European Geothermal Council. Juliet Newson from the International Geothermal Association spoke on the essence and need to develop geothermal systems for district heating networks. The situation in Bulgaria was presented by Vasil Kolikovski from Bulgarian Heat Pump Association.

The Argentine Ambassador in Bulgaria submitted a paper on the priorities of Argentina, following the target: by 2025, 20% of the consumed energy in the country must be produced from renewable sources.

George Chavdarov from the European Investment Bank announced ways to co-finance sustainable energy projects from EU Funds.

Innovation Norway Sofia realized a Round table on the topic of ‘e-Health Enigma’ within the 5th edition of the ‘Smart Cities’ Conference.

During the afternoon session of the conference Nuria De Lama, Deputy Secretary-General of the European Big Data Association informed about the concept of the intelligent city as a new business model. The presentation focused on some of the current initiatives at European level that have been undertaken for the creation of a single digital market.

Smart city solutions that govern urban resources were presented by John Lagogiannis, Intracom Telecom, Greece.

The concept of circular economy was discussed within the 8th Conference ‘Save the Planet’.

The presentations provoked interesting discussions with representatives of Bulgarian municipalities and business persons from different industry sectors: ecology, energy, construction, architecture, agriculture, food industry, facility management and utility sector, etc.