Smart Power Grids Require a new, Integrated Approach: Totally Integrated Power

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Photo: Siemens

By 2035, the global demand for electrical energy will rise by another two-thirds. Electricity is the basis for a sustainable energy supply in private households as well as for cities and industry. For a reliable, safe, and efficient supply, it is therefore important to individually exploit the full potential of an integrated power solution.

Increasing digitalization and automation are also changing the energy system: Simple structures are becoming complex networks. The requirements of the various sectors are as diverse as their applications. While the automotive industry emphasizes shorter product rollout times, the safety of personnel and the plant is most important for the chemical industry. The power supply must therefore be flexible, adaptable, and transparent.

Efficient and safe power distribution

Each technical system depends on a reliable power supply, and high-, medium- and low-voltage switchgear and equipment must guarantee maximum availability.In addition to transformers and line contactors, knowledge of the local distribution network plays an important role in continuous improvement and security of the power supply. That’s why solutions for network monitoring, power quality recording, fault recording, and time-synchronous (pointer) measuring devices are essential. Power quality and measurement support electricity suppliers and consumers with solutions for accurate recording and reporting of information to determine, adjust, and improve power quality.

The development of smart networks thus requires a new, integrated approach to provide appropriate information and operator technology solutions. These are to meet the requirements of a smart, networked, and distributed energy system. Network controllers and applications play an equally important role as planning, simulation and Big Data Analytics.

Efficient and environmentally friendly

The Siemens Totally Integrated Power (TIP) portfolio offers software and hardware products, systems, and solutions for all voltage levels for efficient energy management.

The Totally Integrated Power products can be used modularly and fit into any system. The portfolio includes turnkey high-voltage substations as well as low- and medium-voltage power supply solutions that are tailored to individual requirements. To supply industrial processes, Siemens provide safe and economical solutions from a single source: from process-oriented planning of power systems to the selection and design of products and plant operation. This enables an energy and cost-efficient as well as environmentally friendly infrastructure. The close association of TIP with systems of industrial and building automation Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and Total Building Solutions (TBS) allows users to exploit the entire optimization potential of these solutions: digital planning, monitoring, and control of all processes.