Renault ZOE Price Increase Confirmed – end of this month

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Foto: EP

There has been a rumour circulating for a while that the ZOE will go up in price soon. It seemed credible as the current prices have held since the start of July, and the final sales quarter of the year is approaching.

While we don’t know the full details of the change we know that it will impact the most popular model, the Dynamique Nav (but not the Expression) and that it will add about £350 onto the price of the car. We expect that to equate to about £15 per month on a 2 year PCP.

Renault has made it clear that it will honour the current lower prices on all orders received by 30th September. The other benefits of the deal remain the same, including the free installation of a charge point. As ever the car comes with 10,000 miles of fuel included, plus support, free tax, and in many places free parking.