Pellet Breaks New Paths!

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The limitation and harmfulness of fossil fuels in energy production lead humanity towards finding and exploiting alternatives to these dirty energy sources at higher level. Windmills are springing up across our planet, solar energy is generated through solar panels, and hydropower plants are built on river flows. However, the most popular energy source remains underused. We are talking about biomass.

Photography: CEEFOR

Biomass includes biodegradable parts of by products of wood industry, scraps and residues of biological origin from agriculture, and it also includes plants and animal substances as well as industrial and municipal waste. Biomass combustion produces heat energy, and in recent decades it has been used for the production of electricity. For energy purposes, it can also be used as biogas obtained by decomposing different biological waste into a gaseous state, and as a biofuel obtained by converting biomass into a liquid state.

Biomass makes up to 61 per cent of the total potential of renewable resources in Serbia, which is unfortunately wasted on extremely inefficient energy generation. In cooperation with the Centre for Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development (CEEFOR ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLUTION ) from Belgrade, the municipal assembly of Lapovo has decided to put an end to the senseless use of biomass and to replace the inefficient heating system based on heaters, radiators and air conditioners with boiler room on the pellet. The core business of CEEFOR ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLUTION except two obvious – energy efficiency and sustainable development – is precisely renewable energy sources.

Photography: CEEFOR

Heating on wood pellet has become popular in the last few years, primarily because of its environmental and financial advantages. The use of biomass is continuously increasing in households and also in business and public facilities. Pellet is a high-efficient energy fuel that is obtained by particular technological process of grinding, drying and pressing of various biomaterials.

CEEFOR ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLUTION team consists of 20 experts with many years of working experience: from mechanical, electrical and civil engineers, through technology, architect, traffic and fire protection engineers, to economic and financial experts and translators.


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Prepared by: Jelena Kozbasic


This article was published in the eleventh issue of the Energy Portal Magazine CIRCULAR ECONOMY, September-November 2018