Ontario Climate Change Action Plan Has Big Incentives for E-Cars

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History of the Electric Car_01 - TESLA InstituteThe province is also making a big push to get people into electric cars. Electric cars are becoming more and more common on the roads. Most vehicle manufacturers have their own hybrid or fully electric vehicle. It’s going mainstream, everybody is realising that they’re just perfect.

Spencer Bardell has been driving this Electric Smart Car for about a year and a half – he says he spends just 180 dollars a year on electricity to power his vehicle, which he drives everyday. He thinks electric cars are the way of the future.

Spencer Bardell:
“At the turn of the century there were more electric cars in Manhattan than there were gas cars. Currently there are more electric chargers than there are gas stations in Manhattan, New York.”

Bob Bell stopped in Kingston on his way to Port Hope from Brockville to charge his Tesla car, which he’s owned for about a year. He says it was the best decision he’s ever made.

Bob Bell:
“Well I used to spend about 70 dollars a week prior to this car. So you do the math – that’s about 3000 dollars a year.”

To get more drivers behind the wheel of electric vehicles Ontario’s new Climate Change Action plan includes incentives. Rebates of up to 14-thousand dollars for those looking to purchase electric vehicles – and a rebate of a thousand dollars for the installation of a home charging station.

Source: www.ckwstv.com

Photo: www.tesla-institute.com