Number Of CCS Combo Chargers In Europe Now Exceed 2,400

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222-6More than 600 CCS Combo chargers have been installed in Europe so far this year according to data from the CCS Charge Map. The total number of stations now stand at 2,418 and includes 2,186 that are open to the public 24/7, and 218 (either not 24/7, or at least not confirmed as open 24/7).

The average installation pace since Spring seems to be hovering around ~100 a month.

A significant characteristic of CCS Combo locations are that they are also multi-standard chargers, with both CHAdeMO and/or 3-phase AC type 2 along for the ride. Typical power output is between 20 to 50 kW.

The UK still has the most CCS compatible chargers at 580; but as you can see below, Germany (mostly thanks to its new incentive programs) is starting to chase down the lead this Summer, adding 55 units over the past 7 weeks, and now stands at 425 charging stations overall.

Norway (254) takes third, but its advantage over France (223) has been cut down drastically in 2016 so far.  A surprisingly high number of CCS chargers can also be found in Sweden (186) in 5th.