November Another Strong Month For Scottish Renewables

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Photo-illustration: Pixabay

Wind energy in Scotland provided more than three-quarters of the country’s entire electricity demand in November, according to new figures published by WeatherEnergy and highlighted by WWF Scotland.

According to WeatherEnergy, wind energy sources provided 1,651,050 MWh of electricity to the National Grid, 77% of Scotland’s entire electricity demand for the month. If we restrict the data somewhat, wind energy generated enough power to provide enough electricity for the equivalent of 187% of the country’s households.

And, maybe most impressively, wind energy generated enough electricity to account for 100% of total electricity demand across 7 separate days in November.

“Scotland’s renewable success story powered on during November,” said WWF Scotland’s Acting Director Dr Sam Gardner.

“Over the course of the month Scotland’s windfarms generated the equivalent of 77% of our total electricity demand. If we are to build on this success the UK Government must set out a route to market that encourages continued investment in onshore wind.

“Successive Scottish governments have set out a vision for renewables that has enabled the sector to flourish, drive down costs, create jobs and cut greenhouse gas emissions. The forthcoming energy strategy needs to build on this strong foundation and set out the ambitious vision and steps we need to take to heat our homes and make the transition to electric vehicles.”

“It’s great to see renewables continuing to power Scotland, adding to the month on month evidence that greater investment in both renewables and storage is the way forward,” added Karen Robinson of WeatherEnergy.