New Green Buses

Serbia | Sustainable Development

The delivery of 15 new buses to Pristina few days ago marked the beginning of a new era of public transport in Pristina. The buses will offer a more comfortable and environmentally friendly service.

In June 2016 the EBRD signed an agreement for a loan of up to €10 million to the municipal transport company Trafiku Urban to finance the purchase of 51 diesel buses that comply with Euro 6 emissions standards. The loan was fully guaranteed by the government, represented by the Ministry of Finance.

The new fleet of diesel buses will significantly reduce levels of air pollution and noise in the city. They will also improve the reliability, safety and quality of public transport as well as boost operational efficiency. The old buses will be phased out as the new ones enter into service.

The EBRD’s strategy in Kosovo focuses on strengthening private sector competitiveness and reinforcing the investment climate as well as upgrading public infrastructure and addressing shortcomings in the energy sector. These goals are embedded in Kosovo’s integration process with the EU.