Kladovo Gets a New Biomass Heating Plant

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Photo: Polytechnik Biomass Energy

Hospital in Kladovo and primary school “Vuk Karadzic”, which houses also a music school and a school for children with special needs, will soon fulfil needs for heating and hot water consumption with the new biomass system PEMCI 1.

The requirements of this large school, almost 185 years old, currently attended by more than a thousand pupils, is presently covered by heating plants Centar and Pemci. In the first heating plant, located in the residential zone in the centre of Kladovo, a 2% sulphur fuel oil is used, while coal is used in the second heating plant. The new biomass heating plant will be able to meet the overall energy needs of the above mentioned users. There are several good sides of the transition from fossil fuels to biomass, and one of the most important is cleaner air.

The future heating plant will use wood residues from sawmills, forestry residues, and available wood chips. The main difference between the old heating and the new one will be the reduction of CO2 emissions by almost 100 per cent. Kladovo, as a town famous for exceptional natural beauties, the Danube, Djerdap, turbulent history, energy resources, and hospitality again shows interest in sustainable energy and environmental protection. After two solar power plants were commissioned which were designed by CEEFOR ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLUTION ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLUTION, carbon dioxide emissions in Kladovo have been significantly reduced. This new heating plant will additionally enable citizens of Kladovo to inhale cleaner air. Global warming and the greenhouse effect are the consequences of increased carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. This project envisages that the new plant, with the current 5,852 tons of carbon dioxide released by the heating plant on the fuel oil annually, will reduce the emission of these particles to 75 tons.

Photo: Polytechnik Biomass Energy

The new heating plant PEMCI 1 should be connected with the central heating system to the heating plant Centar, located in the centre of Kladovo, and through it with the hot water distribution system into the district heating system in Kladovo.

This heating plant on wood chips with the installed capacity of 2 × 3.0 MW will be located in the northwestern part in Kladovo, in the settlement Pemci, in the vicinity of the existing plant, with the installed capacity of 1.1 MW which uses coal as a fuel, will be shut down after commissioning the mentioned biomass power plant. It is envisaged to install two identical hot water horizon Of all renewable energy sources in Serbia, biomass has the highest potential. Green Energy Portal provides support to investors and companies that want to improve their efficiency and switch to renewable energy sources.

This unique platform represents a part of the activities of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce within the “Reducing the barriers for rapid biomass market development in Serbia” Project, implemented by UNDP in cooperation with the Ministry of Mining and Energy, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, the competent institutions and partners from civil sector. Green Energy Portal is the first online trade in various types of biomass in our region and connects buyers and sellers of biomass, as well as investors, designers, contractors, distributors, banks, and other participants in the market of renewable energy sources.

Prepared by: Zeljka Vesic

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