KiWi Power on 4GW Battery in South Wales

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Photo-illustration: Pixabay

Multi million pound 4GW battery officially unveiled at Parc Stormy in Bridgend to provide balancing services to onsite solar, AD, wind turbine and cement facilities.

A 4GW battery facility designed to provide grid balancing services for a cluster of onsite renewable energy technologies near Bridgend in South Wales has been officially switched on by developer KiWi Power.

The multi-million pound battery facility at Parc Stormy took three months to build and is one of the largest in the UK to be installed at a customer site, according to KiWi Power.

Officially unveiled yesterday, the battery will provide energy storage at Cenin Renewables’ 20-acre cluster of clean technologies, which generate 3.2MW of power in total.

The site features a solar farm, an anaerobic digestion plant, a wind turbine, and a low carbon cement production facility, explained the firm’s managing director Martyn Popham.

“This is all about having green energy in reserve and we are delighted to be working with KiWi Power to play our part delivering a reliable, sustainable power source whilst providing local economic development and helping Wales reach its low emissions targets,” said Popham. “Smart batteries are both green and cost-effective, reducing the need for inefficient backup power stations by allowing excess energy to be stored and used when the sun isn’t shining and the wind has stopped blowing.”

Yoav Zingher, CEO of KiWi Power, said the Parc Stormy facility formed the latest addition to its portfolio of batteries as part of its strategy to “monetise the highest value battery systems across Europe”.

“Our state-of-the-art technology enables large power users like Cenin to reap the rewards from battery energy storage, with no upfront investment or risk to them, reducing their bills and their carbon footprint,” he said in a statement.