Renewable Sources of Energy 2016

Energy portal proudly presents the fouofrth in a row Bulletin entitled “Renewable Energy Sources” with a desire to bring closer the capabilities and potentials of renewable energy sources which the Republic Serbia possesses to the general public. Through numerous interviews and company presentations which are presented in this newsletter, you can inform yourself about practical achievements, analysis of the legal framework and ideas that represent the future of the energy sector of Serbia. According to the National Renewable Energy Action Plan of the Republic of Serbia, in accordance with the form envisaged by the Directive 2009/28/EC – Decision 2009/548/EC, by 2020 it is planned to use 27% of energy from renewable energy sources. Precisely with this publication we wanted to give modest contribution for raising awareness of the importance and possibilities in direct application …

Responsible Companies Environmental Protection

Investments in environmental projects, especially in pollute the environment clean, environmentally friendly technologies represent with their operation. priorities that have been identified in the Republic Investors undertake of Serbia’s strategic documents, such as National to carry out activities Environmental Approximation Strategy and National Strategy for Sustainable Use of Natural Goods and Resources. Creating stimulating environment for the realization of these projects, regardless of whether they are foreign or domestic investments, is one of the key goals of the Ministry. In order to improve the conditions for wind farms as clean energy resources, the Ministry has prepared the Guidelines on Environmental Impact assessment for wind farms and publication ‘Nature Protection and Wind Farm Development in Serbia’ in cooperation with UNDP.

COP21-CMP11 Paris 2015

30.11 – 11.12.2015. Paris, France, Planet The largest conference dedicated to climate change The largest diplomatic event Over 40,000 delegates 195 countries 147 officials who will address the opening day „Leader’s Day”