Is End of Victory Motorcycles the End of Empulse Electric Bike too?

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2016-victory-empulse-tt_100521132_mThe Brammo Empulse electric motorcycle has long been the “other” mainstream electric motorcycle but its days now appear to be officially numbered.

Polaris Industries bought the electric motorcycle business assets of Brammo in January 2015, and added the Empulse to its Victory lineup.

This was big news for people who follow electric motorcycles. Hopes ran high that a mainstream motorcycle manufacturer would put some much needed capital and engineering into electric motorcycles to bring the price down and simplify the transmission.

For 2016, little more than rebranding was done; electric motorcycle enthusiasts awaited 2017 with cautious optimism. By the end of 2016, Victory had not updated its website with any information on a 2017 Empulse, even as every other bike in its lineup had been given another year.

This caused speculation that the Empulse would be dropped from the lineup—but in fact, it is the entire lineup that is being dropped.

Polaris announced on January 9 that it will “immediately begin winding down its Victory Motorcycles Brand and related operations.”

The history of the Empulse began with Brammo. The bike went into production in 2013 after several years of delays, followed by minimal upgrades for 2014.

The company sold a few dozen, and riders began to post photos on social media and write about fun rides and offer positive reviews.

Just before selling the motorcycle business to Victory, Brammo had a “fire sale” and sold its remaining bikes for thousands of dollars off the original price.

But without significant changes for 2016, the 2016 Victory Empulse remained fundamentally the same bike as the original 2013 Brammo Empulse—but with a higher price of nearly $20,000.