Ireland Targets Big Energy Savings in Schools, Hospitals and Local Government Services

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sustainableEnergyAwardsWebSEAIIreland has set itself a tough energy efficiency target. The country is aiming to achieve energy savings of 33% compared to the overall EU target of 27% by 2030.

To do this, the Emerald Isle is focussing on energy efficiency in its public services – from administration to schools – via the ‘Public Sector Programme’.

The Programme, set up by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), provides over 325 public bodies and 4,000 schools with guidelines, tools and technical assistance on energy efficiency. It offers training, workshops, online tutorials and forums to spread information on energy efficient practices.

It has also established a monitoring process allowing public services to report annually on their energy saving progress. Meanwhile, a dedicated scheme for schools, known as Energy in Education, comprised of 421 schools, has reportedly made energy savings of 14% since the programme began.

In hospitals, energy has been saved with the installation of combined heat and power systems and biomass boilers replacing fossil fuel boilers. The scheme has also helped bus services in Dublin save electricity and gas usage in its garages around the capital city.

Meanwhile, Kildare County Council plans to upgrade a waste water treatment plant in Obserstown. The Council expects the work to lead to annual energy savings of €177,000.

The Public Sector Programme is one of nine finalists for this year’s EU Sustainable Energy Week’s Awards. You can vote for your favourite sustainable energy project by Sunday 5 June