Hope for Domestic Automotive Industry


Photo: AQOS Technologies

Company AQOS Technologies gives us faith in the possibility of developing the car industry in Serbia after years of silence in this industrial branch 

In order to present to our readers innovative solutions from AQOS Technologies, implemented in the current prototype model AQOS and find out when will their long-term research turn into a means of transport, that we will often see on the streets, we talked to Mr Saša Milovančević, the founder of the company, a graduate architect, affiliated designer and constructor in automotive industry.

We are witnessing that at this moment, “green” cars represent a world trend and that the largest automotive companies have made significant efforts in the research and development of electric and hybrid vehicles in recent years. During his rich career, Saša Milovančević had the opportunity to work very successfully with some of the most important companies in the automotive industry.

As an initial motive for the creation of a new brand, Milovančević cited the need to redefine the entry approach to the development of a new automobile brand that has the ability to respond to the challenges of the modern era. So far, AQOS has presented prototypes of more than ten modern cars, which have already become recognizable among high-performance vehicles.

The idea of projects that AQOS Technologies develop is the platform for the integration of scientific, technological and technical research, which is corroborated by the cooperation and support of numerous educational and research institutions such as Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy and Vinča Institute.

– With no intention of compromising the idea of coupling electric cars with ecology, electric cars have advantages over classical, even when the environmental impact is excluded. AQOS, as a brand, has undertaken research on all limitary issues. Contemporary design and technical solutions, combined with environmental awareness and the technologies that accompany all these, definitely represent the distinction that distinguishes AQOS from other brands. Although diversity is not a prerequisite for success, it is enough just to be better for the same subject– Milovančević was clear.

In the past decades, insufficiently explored options for the use of solar panels on cars have left room for tolerance in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The concept of an alternative-powered vehicle, such as an electric one, usually included massive batteries. When asked what had to be balanced during the development of the AQOS models and whether they were forced to give up on some aspects for better performance, Saša Milovančević answered sharply – We did not have to, we are AQOS!

– Of course, we cannot talk about all the technologies at this stage for obvious reasons, but in the first place, the use of nanotube-enriched composites and highly sensitive solar cell functional even with poor light are topical. But the least tested and strongest technology we use is the will to take the process all the way to the end, Milovančević told us.

Bearing in mind the current state of the road infrastructure for electric vehicles in the Republic of Serbia, we were interested in the team’s assessment of the possibility of placing AQOS cars on the domestic and foreign market.

– The car is a global product and as such, it cannot be treated locally in any sense. As far as the assembly of the cars themselves, our intention is to do that in Serbia, but whether this will be achieved depends on many factors that we cannot influence to the full extent – Mr. Milovančević is clear.

While AQOS works hard on the development of solar foils that are adaptable and integrated to the design of the vehicle, we hope that this domestic brand will be recognized as one of the main players in the new automotive revolution.

AQOS Technologies

Established in Belgrade in the beginning of the current decade, AQOS has focused on research in all aspects of car development. Experienced experts in the field of design, architecture, technology, materials and other engineering sciences participate in the creation of vehicle prototypes under the auspices of AQOS, and this company consists of domestic and foreign experts from Great Britain, Germany, and Italy.

Prepared by: Marija Nešović


This content was originally published in the eighth issue of the Energy Portal Bulletin, named ECOMOBILITY.