From Agricultural Waste to Electrical and Thermal Energy



By increasing the energy production from renewable sources, Serbia is one step closer to international environmental standards. One of the ways of obtaining energy from renewable sources is the use of biogas plants that occupy an important place in the 21st-century energetics.

The vision and mission of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development (CEEFOR ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLUTION ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLUTION) also include protection of the environment, and since their engineers have licenses and knowledge, lately more and more companies and businesses are hiring them for the development of energy audit reports.

ProCredit Bank has hired CEEFOR ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLUTION ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLUTION as a consultant for the development of the energy audit report for the construction of a small biogas plant with a 600-kW cogeneration power for the “Bioenergo 808” from Stara Pazova. According to the project, the purpose of the facility is to produce electric and thermal energy by combustion of biogas in a gas engine. Biomass will be mainly produced from corn silage and manure from cattle farms, with the addition of sunroot and biomass that is at disposal. The report aims to determine whether conditions, under which the possibility for construction of the biogas plant and the obtaining of funds from the earmarked credit line of Pro-Credit and KFW banks, are fulfilled.


CEEFOR ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLUTION ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLUTION company is also an authorised consultant for Green for Growth Fund and ProCredit bank, as well as for investors „Agro Plus Energo” from Sombor and „Bioelektro NAK” from Cestereg. For the projects’ purposes, the company’s team has developed energy audit reports for the construction of a cogeneration biogas plant with the installed capacity renof 999 kW, that is 600 kW. The project of a biogas power plant is based on a closed cycle of substances that enter the renewable energy production process.

The CEEFOR ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLUTION ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLUTION team can help you in the development of energy audits, feasibility studies, complete project documentation (Preliminary Design, Conceptual Design, Project for Building Permit, Project for Execution of Works, As-Built Design) and economic and financial analysis. All information about their consulting services, as well as the possibility for the supervision of the facility and technical control of the project, can be obtained at

Prepared by: Sofija Nikolic

This article was published in the new issue of the Energy portal Magazine on CLEAN ENERGY, December 2018. – February 2019.