From a Family Manufacture to a Reputable European Company


Photo: Marko Obradovic Edge

For a quarter of a century, as long as this company exists, we have managed to do some incredible things. We turned a small family business that produces accessories made of metal to a big company with more than 120 employees. Our main area of expertise is POS (Point Of Sale), POP (Point Of Promotion) and POSM (Point Of Sale Material) design and development. We started in one industry and soon we spread to 7 more (Tobacco Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, IT Industry, Automobile Industry, Banking & Insurance Industry, FMCG Industry, Building Industry), and at the same time upgraded the professional level of our team of mechanical and electric engineers, industrial and graphic designers. We also formed R&D team of people with a very particular set of skills.

During the development of our company we have formed 13 sectors:

  • Research & Development
  • Industrial Design
  • Engineering Development
  • Processing of Non-ferrous Metal
  • Black Metal Processing, Metal Plate Processing,
  • Non-Metal Plates Processing
  • Wood & Plastic Processing
  • Surface Protection Sector
  • Powder Coating & Paint
  • Digital Printing Sector
  • Multimedia & Electronics Sector
  • Branding & Packaging Sector
  • Logistics & Transport Sector
  • Quality Control Sector

We have also made progress in the other way, by increasing the number of countries with which we operate. In the beginning, we only did business with two countries, and later that figure rose to more than 17 countries and it continues to grow.

Constant progress and expansion of the activities within which we operate led to a very successful cooperation in August 2017. Namely, we implemented a project in cooperation with ProCredit Bank, which is not only important for our company, but for our city and state as well, as it significantly affects the raising of environmental awareness in the community. We have designed, built and installed a unique carport with solar panels and an electric car charger and in that way be became a part of a family of innovative companies that follow the world trends and actively participate in the development of the network of electric chargers in Serbia. This unique project, as the first in a row, thanks to the cooperation with MT-KOMEX.

If you visit the administrative building of ProCredit Bank in the Boulevard of Milutin Milanković, you can see our carport for 2 vehicles with Schneider Electric chargers that enable quick and easy charging. The installed chargers are registered on all European maps of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Photo: Marko Obradovic Edge

Of course, when you come to visit us in order to see our production capacities and be sure of the possibility of cooperation to mutual satisfaction, at the parking lot in front of our administrative building you will be able to see installed carport with solar panels with the installed capacity of 10 kW and a Schneider Electric charger for your car.

For more information go to:

+381 11 8001 497

This content was originally published in the eighth issue of the Energy Portal Magazine ECOHEALTH, in November 2017.