EU – Funded Project Demonstrates Powerful Onshore Wind Turbines

World | Wind Energy

Photo: Pixabay

An EU-funded project, 7MW-WEC-BY-11, has demonstrated super powerful 7.5 MW onshore wind turbines at a wind farm in Estinnes, Belgium.

Per given wind park area these 198 metre turbines are 131% more powerful than the standard 2 MW onshore turbines used in many wind farms across Europe.

7MW-WEC-BY-11 also developed new power conversion technology and improved wind forecasting to stabilize the electricity grid.

During the construction phase of the project, the world’s first giant crawler crane was used to lift the turbine’s nacelle which can weigh as much as a fully-fuelled jumbo jet.

Using mega powerful turbines can mean that fewer wind turbines are installed in a wind farm but the power output is higher.

The total cost of the project is €6 170 217 including €3 270 285 in EU funding.

This project will help drive innovation in wind energy technology forwards, keeping the EU on track to achieving its renewable energy goals.