EA Technology Promises to Become Carbon Neutral Business

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Photo-illustration: Pixabay

Cheshire-based energy networks firms EA Technology has promised to go carbon neutral, unveiling a seven point plan on Friday to slash its company emissions across heating, lighting and transport.

The firm, which specialises in managing electricity assets, has set out a ‘Carbon Action Plan’ it claims will radically boost its energy self-sufficiency and save thousands of pounds a year in energy bills.

Although the Carbon Action Plan doesn’t set a clear deadline to hit carbon neutral status, it does detail a number of steps EA Technology plans to take to get there.

They include a switch to LED lighting that it predicts will save more than £10,000 and 11 tonnes of carbon each year. Meanwhile a new solar panel installation at its Capenhurst headquarters will generate 40,000kWh of green electricity every year, saving a further £6,500 in electricity costs over the first year.

Any excess electricity generated by the array will be diverted to battery storage, and used either by the headquarters or to recharge employee’s electric vehicles at new on-site charge points.

Over the coming months EA Technology said it will also explore options to install low-carbon heating – such as ground source heat pumps, or hybrid heating systems – into its headquarters.

“Our Carbon Action Plan will give us a modern, integrated, low carbon footprint and we expect to see our emissions reduce year on year with immediate effect as well as delivering the company financial savings,” said Robert Davis, EA Technology chief executive.

“We have carried out a full energy consumption audit of the company looking at everything from encouraging staff to turn off lighting when it’s not needed to creating designated electric charging points in our car parks.

“In the next four years, we predict our people will drive to work in a hybrid or electric car, which will be far cheaper to tax and run. They will plug it in and we will use their batteries to power the company when electricity charges are at their peak. When it dips, we will power up their cars for free.

“As a company, we care about the planet and we want to do everything possible to lead the way in going green.”

Source: businessgreen.com