Energy Week – Georgia 2020


On 28-30th January 2020 the international investment event “Energy Week Georgia 2020” will take place in Tbilisi.

Photo-illustration: Pixabay

The event is held with the support of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia to foster the deployment of renewable energy in the country and attract foreign direct investments into the sector.

The energy sector of Georgia is very attractive in terms of its untapped potential, developing infrastructure, and increasing local and regional demand.  Domestic demand is expected to almost double by 2030 from current consumption of 13.4 TWh. Georgia’s generation capacity will not be enough to meet domestic demand in the long term without additional generation sources. Estimated deficit by 2025 is more than 3 TWh.

Energy Week Georgia 2020 comprises of a 2-day Congress and Technical visits. The Congress agenda focuses on the most important questions faced by Georgia pursuing the policy of strengthening energy independence. The technical visits are planned for a group of international energy companies and investors.

Among the Congress topics:

Government incentives and support of investment projects in energy sector – What is the Government’s plan to deal with predicted deficiency?

HPP investment portfolio – What are the main driving factors for hydropower development in the country?  Is there potential for large hydropower schemes in the country? Are there different permissions required for small schemes compared to the larger projects? Which HPPs need rehabilitation?

Alternative energy sources of Georgia – What is the potential of wind energy in Georgia? What is the potential for solar energy? Are there any opportunities of developing floating solar power plants in Georgia?

Transmission projects – The overview of rehabilitation works on existing high voltage transmission lines.  Construction of new transmission lines and substations.

Energy Week Georgia 2020 will bring together around 300 high-level guests representing both state and private sectors of Georgia, international financial institutions as well as foreign private investors, EPC, engineering and consulting firms for a dialogue aimed at unlocking the potential of international cooperation.

The event is organised by Invest In Network, a UK-based company specialised at the organisation of B2B and B2G high-level investment conferences.

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