Carbon Trust Launches Zero Waste to Landfill Certification

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Photo: Pixabay

The Carbon Trust has launched a new Zero Waste to Landfill standard to recognise companies working to reduce their environmental impact by diverting waste streams away from landfill.

The certification, which the Carbon Trust said provides a “robust framework for verifying zero waste to landfill claims”, is designed to support firms looking to provide independent evidence their waste reduction and recycling efforts are delivering as promised.

One of the first companies to achieve the standard, which was announced last week, was ASSA ABLOY, one of the world’s largest lock manufacturers.

“Minimising and ultimately eliminating waste generation across all of our waste streams, where possible, is a real opportunity for us to greatly reduce our environmental impact,” the firm’s sustainability manager Charles Robinson said in a statement. “Working with the Carbon Trust was a really good chance for us to verify our zero waste to landfill achievements, with an independent and internationally recognised organisation.”

Zero waste to landfill pledges are becoming increasingly popular with big name companies, which are looking to reduce costs and curb environmental impacts.

Corporate giants, including PepsiCo, Google and Miller Coors, have all either achieved zero waste to landfill status or have targets in place to meet the goal in the coming years.

According to the Carbon Trust, alongside environmental benefits firms can also make significant savings by diverting waste away from landfill, through more efficient use of resources and reduced landfill and waste collection costs.