BMW Expands Electric-Car ChargeNow by EVgo Program to 33 States

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Two days ago, BMW and Nissan announced the latest expansion of their jointly funded DC fast-charging sites for electric cars, which is operated by the EVgo charging network.

Those sites now cover more than 50 metropolitan areas in 33 states.

This morning, BMW announced that its ChargeNow by EVgo program for owners of its plug-in cars would commensurately expand to cover all those locations.

The ChargeNow membership, BMW says, “provides no-cost and low-cost public charging access programs” for owners of its plug-in electric models.

In practice, it’s a network card that gives those owners access to EVgo charging sites—not only DC fast-charging for longer trip or quick recharges but also EVgo Level 2 stations as well for slower 240-Volt charging.

“BMW continues to aggressively pursue the company’s commitment to our e-mobility customers,” said Cliff Fietzek, BMW’s manager of connected eMobility, citing the company’s “steadfast support” for expanding public charging infrastructure across the U.S.

BMW notes explicitly that the ChargeNow program applies to all its plug-in vehicles, which is to say not just the BMW i3 electric car (in both battery-electric and range-extended versions) and the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid coupe.

It also covers drivers of BMW’s growing line of plug-in hybrid variants of conventional gasoline models, including the BMW X5 xDrive40e SUV and three sedans: the BMW 740e xDrive, BMW 530e and BMW 330e.

Today, the EVgo network of DC fast-charging sites has 668 such charging stations available in those 33 states.

The company plans to install an additional 50 sites by the end of this year, jointly funded by BMW and Nissan.

Several variations of the ChargeNow by EVgo program exist, depending on the plug-in BMW in question and the circumstances of its purchase.

Buyers of new BMW i3 cars (after November 15, 2015) receive two free years of DC fast-charging (with sessions capped at 30 minutes) and Level 2 charging (capped at one hour per use).

Used BMW i3 and i8 buyers under the Certified Pre-Owned program receive one year free under the same limits, if they enroll by July 31 of this year.

Beyond that, two programs are offered with what BMW terms “special pricing.”

They are an Annual Pass for use of the entire EVgo network at no cost, and a Pay-As-You-Go model that gives 20 percent to 30 percent off EVgo’s usual rates for use of its charging stations by the general public.