Welcome to Our New Blog!

Photo-illustration: Pixabay

Hello everyone!

Starting from today, Energetski portal has a blog. If you are up to reading interesting facts about renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable development, and occasionally “green” juicy news in the life of its author, our new page is a place to visit.

The focus of our interest will be hot environmental topics and issues but most certainly we will be reporting to you in a  less strict manner than in our “News” section and hopefully funny. If you ever wanted:

  • To know what is kosher and why I will never stop being fascinated by CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk,
  • To travel to the past or
  • To get some bits of advice on how to ruin your life (if I am an expert in anything, this is the field)

…then come over to our blog from time to time.

It is rude not to tell you few things about me, isn’t it?

My name is Jelena Kozbasic. At the moment I am studying a master degree in Political ecology. I live in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and I am a member of the team of journalists supplying you with news at Energetski portal. In my free time, I collect pretty mugs, glasses, and pots for my future home and take naps.

Refusing a glass of rosé wine – not my case. Same applies to having croissants and ice coffee for breakfast. I have a sweet-tooth, and I am always postponing getting a gym membership but miraculously still not weighing a ton. I am also a gourmand and passionate cook not eating cheese (not even on pizza!) and only eating steak well done.

I will never stop appreciating straws as one of best inventions in history of human civilization.

I hope this slice of the Internet will be as dear to you as your crush’s profiles on social media or a website for downloading movies.*

Jelena Kozbasic

*I am not that witty as my mom always tells me, right?