The new Energy Portal Magazine on SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT will not disappoint any reader who cares about the environment, nature, and future. To all of you who think of nature as a support, this magazine will yield new insights into how far our civilization has shaped up into applying the principles of sustainable development in various areas where they have been applied for decades.

In the opening article, we are presenting you Goran Trivan, the Minister of Environmental Protection, who got this position after having been the City Secretary for Ecology and chairing his City team that had been putting a lot of effort to make Belgrade greener.

We continue to publish stories of good practice examples from countries where they are fighting climate change in an innovative and resolute way. In this issue you can read about how Norwegians pump gases with greenhouse effect deep into the ground, creating an additional pressure which improves oil and gas what consequently makes them much better.

We have already known that in our country there are companies that recognize the importance of building a business reputation on ecological principles, but in an interview with Dusan Stokic from the Department for Environmental Protection Service at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce you will find out why it is important for both large and small domestic companies to set about projects and activities dedicated to heightening sustainable development of the local environment.

It is not only the companies’ activities that count. Every man can contribute to the prosperity of his surroundings. Therefore we talked to two innovators – Rade Vujic from the Republic of Srpska cuts down ambrosia, whose pollen is proved to be the most common causes of allergies, and then he makes the pellet out of it and in winter, he uses this unusual fuel to heat his home. Meanwhile, in Serbia, his brother in the entrepreneurial spirit Zivota Nikolic decided to preserve wild apples, the almost exterminated species whose incredible healing properties had filled the lab technicians in Dallas in awe, and he is determined to make an old recipe elixir that restores energy and failing health.

In this issue, you can read about what is energy poverty, how local governments are trying to preserve the environment and in what way nature can help us to create more healthful agriculture.

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