This is the 11th issue of our Magazine with the topic of “Sustainable Architecture”. Architecture is a discipline that through its practice has a profound impact on all fields of sustainability, which means that during its existence, an object affects local and global environment by various related activities and processes even before it is actually constructed. You can read more about the influence of architecture on the environment in the introductory text of a young architect and our external associate Petar Veselinovic.

According to Environmental Management Index (EPI) for 2018, Denmark occupies the third place, which is why we decided to find out from the Danish Ambassador in Serbia Mr. Anders Christian Hougård what measures Denmark took in order to be so highly ranked, but also which projects the Danish Embassy has implemented in Serbia so far and in which areas we could still cooperate in order to ensure a higher rate of economic growth in our country.

From the example of our famous actor Vojin Cetkovic, we can learn how to implant the habit of preserving the environment to our children and to pass on them the love for animals and plants. In this completely different interview, we will present Vojin as a socially responsible person and environmental protection advocate.

Eva Kail is one of the leading experts in urban planning on the European continent. She provides the citizens of Vienna with a comfortable life together with other experts. A survey conducted by the international consulting firm “Mercer” showed that nowhere in the world is life as good as in Vienna, so we found out from Eva how they manage to achieve this.

You can read many interesting stories on this topic in this issue, among which is also an article about the first green building that should be built in the center of our city.

In the Section People and Challenges, you will find an interesting article about the company “UrbiGO”, founded by young experts who were eager to find a garden solution for a new generation that grows up in the concrete jungle and in increasingly polluted environment.

We hope this topic will be interesting for you and that will inspire you to do all you can do is to use available resources in the most economical way in your surroundings. We would also like to draw your attention to what the Danish Ambassador said during the interview: “An important way of thinking is based on the attitude that saving stands against the use “.

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