Energy Efficiency


Energy portal prepared new bulletin entitled “Energy Efficiency” at the right time.

Centre for Energy Management Training at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade has just started with its operation. We talked to Professor Maja Todorović about this project. Projects for the improvement of energy efficiency in municipalities have also started, the funds were allocated and aimed at concrete facilities. Representatives of the municipalities Babušnica, Žagubica and Kragujevac gave us more information on this topic.

GIZ successfully gathers documentation and implements very significant project in the field of implementing energy efficiency in public buildings. We also have the honour to publish the interview with Mr Đorđe Raković from the Guarantee Fund of AP Vojvodina and to present to you the company SIKA.

The ground for the implementation of the EU Directives, that require all facilities to be energy efficient, has been preparing throughout the entire region. We are far from reaching those goals, but restoration of facilities built long time ego in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and other countries in the region enables better working conditions in schools, nurseries and hospitals.  Investments are necessary, and the results should be long-term and cost-effective.

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