Flying ladybird, mystical dawns, even more mystical sunsets, animals’ natural environments, but also almost usual scenes of human carelessness towards the  environment… and the beauty that loses the battle bit by bit.

These are just a few moments skillfully captured on photographs which have been sent to our eco photo competition.

Authors from all over Serbia have documented with their cameras nature in its beauty and distress, and we have put their works into a gallery of amazing photographs.

A platitude that often might be heard at some winner competition announcement that for the jury “it was a tough decision to make”, in our case is genuinely more than appropriate.

Members of the jury who were faced with a difficult decision were: Bojan Dzodan, photographer, Stanko Kostic, art photographer and member of the National Association of applied art artists and designers, Dusan Milovanovic, art historian, Vuk Kostic, actor and Tamara Zjacic, deputy of editor in chief.

Looking at these pictures, we might be wondering if they have been made on our planet. All of them speak volumes. All participants at this contest have contributed in a unique way to broaden awareness of the need to protect the environment in our country, and some of them have won the prizes.

I prize and 50.000,00 dinars was awarded to Djurdjina Tomic for the photograph named “Collector of forgotten things“
II prize and 25.000,00 dinars was awarded to Milos Karaklic for the photograph named “Nature’s gift“
III prize and 15.000,00 dinars was awarded to Jan Valo for the photograph named “Icy start“

Until we meet again at a new contest, we would like to thank all the readers who sent their photos. Stay tuned to our website and Magazine for more information on our activities.

Who knows, maybe you will find your photograph illustrating some article on our virtual or in print pages.

Meanwhile, take a look at what prepared for you in this issue of the Energy Portal Magazine.

There are some very interesting people and even more interesting views on how we treat nature, use energy and think about waste management transition.

We talked with Mr. Koen Adam, the Ambassador of Belgium to Serbia; Vuk Kostic, the actor; Stevica Dedjanski, the State Secretary in the Ministry of Mining and Energy, Zeljko Djurisic, the Professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade and many others.

Check it out here.