Agreement on a 5 MW biomass fired heat plant delivery to Rantasalmi, Finland


keerThe new plant replaces the existing boiler plant which has been in operation since 1980. Located in Susimäki industrial park, the plant produces district heat to Rantasalmi downtown area and process heat to Savopak Oy’s factory. As fuel the plant uses local forest wood chips and side products from Savopak Oy’s factory as well as other local wood industry companies. The share of biofuels used in Rantasalmi’s heat production will continue to be close to 100 %. The project starts immediately and the plant will be inaugurated in autumn 2017. The foundation and civil works will begin in spring 2017.

”This project in Rantasalmi is a replacement investment that will ensure heat production with local biofuels far into the future. The new technology will improve heat production’s efficiency and decrease emissions caused by the plant,” tells Heikki Tirkkonen, Business Director of Suur-Savon Sähkö Oy.

”The plant will be delivered to Rantasalmi mostly as prefabricated modules manufactured in the Kiuruvesi workshop with the necessary equipment already in place. This modular Unicon Biograte plant enables cost efficient and high quality Cleantech solution where most of the installation work is done in workshop conditions by Finnish energy professionals. With the new plant, the heat production in Rantasalmi can be executed more effectively and by utilizing domestic fuels in a sustainable way,” tells Olli-Pekka Aarnio, Sales Manager of KPA Unicon.

KPA Unicon builds the new parts of the plant from the foundation upwards. The scope of delivery includes Unicon Biograte grate boiler with auxiliary equipment, fuel receiving station and fuel feeding to boiler, flue gas cleaning systems, stack, new boiler house as well as plant electrification, instrumentation and automation. Some of the new plant’s equipment will be located in the existing boiler house.